Getting More Clicks

Welcome to Clicks-on™, Inc. At Clicks-on™, our focus is on lead generation through affiliate partnerships. Our primary role in the affiliate relationship is as an internet publisher. We can help drive traffic to your website through organically created custom websites or via Pay Per Click. We have generated over 1 million leads through Pay Per Click and organically based publishing. For more more information about becoming affilated with us, please click the contact button to the left and fill out the associated form.

Get Your Business Noticed

Making your Website Visible Having a website is vitally important to your business today. It is a fundamental requirement. Chances are, the lawn business that cuts the neighbor's grass has a website. That said, getting the site noticed is an entirely different matter. If people know about your site and know the web address they can find it. If not, they need help. It needs to be indexed and ranked in the popular search engines.

How do you get your website indexed? What search terms should people use to find your site? How do you get your site listed above the competitors for given searches? It is all about relevancy, uniqueness, and how many other high-quality sites refer to your site. The search engines are designed to favor relevant, unique sites that the public will find useful and that pertain to what they are searching for.

Clicks-on™,Inc. specializes in making your site more visible on the Internet, without the recurring costs of PPC advertising. For more information about how we can help you be found on the Internet, click the contact button at the top left of this page.